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Immerse yourself in the electrifying performances of International DJ and live Percussionist, Whitney Taylor Ray.


From commanding dancefloors on the iconic Las Vegas Strip to captivating crowds in Qatar. Whitney mesmerizes audiences worldwide with her unique hybrid DJ sets, explosive stage presence and glowing LED drum shows.


Whether she's unleashing her talent on acoustic or electronic percussion instruments, Whitney elevates atmospheres with her meticulously curated sonic song selections and infectious rhythmic grooves. Known for connecting with everyone, everywhere, Whitney seamlessly blends global sounds with popular hits, delivering unforgettable experiences worldwide.


Additionally, as an engaging roaming drummer, she adds the WOW factor to every event, making the moment epic. As an official Resident Guest Entertainer for Princess Cruises, Whitney Taylor Ray brings unparalleled energy and excitement to every performance, delivering the ultimate vibe that leaves audiences craving more.

Beyond the dance floor, she inspires youth to discover their paths of success through resilience and passion. Whitney's innovative purpose-driven work exemplifies the power of using one’s talents to inspire change, showing the rhythm of success is accessible to all.




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